Clearminds Counselling practice

Welcome to Clearminds Counselling Practice



For everyday problems, depression, stress, addictions, anxiety or just someone to talk to.




Sometimes we feel that our lives are not on track and and seem to have no answers why. More often than

 not, problems we have had for such a long time, become part of our everyday lives, but only add to the

stress and strains that already exist.


The world today appears to be in turmoil whether it be financially, religiously or natural disaters, all we seem

 to hear on the news and read in the papers is bad news. Even this, without us knowing, adds stress to our

 everyday lives.


A counsellor has never been more important than the times we live in right now, someone to talk to

 confidentially, who is a professional, without fear of being judged or dismissed, someone to talk to about

 the feelings or problems that have been kept inside for so long or someone to walk the path with to



There should never be the feeling of being alone in what ever the problems you face.