Clearminds Counselling practice

What Counselling can do for you?


Many people experience emotional

and pyschological problems

throughout their lives. It is often

helpful to talk through our worries and



Person Centred Counselling offers a

safe and confidential environment

where thoughts and feelings can be

explored at a pace that is comfortable

for the client.

I work using the Person Centred

Approach to counselling allowing the

client to feel listened to and

understood.  The focus and aim of

therapy is for the client to become

more in touch with feelings,emotions

and experiencing. The safe and

trusting environment encourages

clients to set up goals and directions

that are appropriate for them.



Some of the Issues that people bring to counselling

: Anger Issues

: Anxiety

: Abuse

: Bereavement

: Low Self-Confidence

: Low Self Esteem

: Work Related Issues

: Relationship problems

: Stress

: Depression